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The street address, suite number, office, etc, of your organization, as it should be publicly listed.

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Directory listings are organized and sorted based on categories and genres. This helps site visitors quickly find the member organizations they are interested in, and assists CIMA/MO in managing the directories.


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Choose a CIMA and/or MO membership subscription below. Please note, CIMA member organizations based on Ontario Canada are automatically provided a MO subscription; the MO membership is included in the CIMA membership price.

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) membership

$706.25 per 1 year
$4830.75 per 1 year
$2486.00 per 1 year
$706.25 per 1 year
$169.50 per 1 year

Music Ontario (MO) membership

$67.80 per 1 year
$111.87 per 1 year
$111.87 per 1 year
$22.60 per 1 year

Do you have a coupon code?

Coupon codes may have usage limits and are exclusively distributed by CIMA / Music Ontario. If you have a valid coupon code, you can fill it in here to immediately benefit from its included subscription discount.

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